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Our Mission

Inviscid Consulting helps businesses plan and streamline their warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution operations to drive down costs, boost capacity, improve customer service, and mitigate risks.

The Inviscid Consulting Difference

As our mission clearly states, Inviscid Consulting specializes in streamlining supply chain operations. Unlike other management consulting firms, we don’t try to be all things to all clients. You wouldn’t ask a general practitioner to do your brain surgery, and you shouldn’t ask a general management consulting firm to improve your mission-critical supply chain operations. Call us -- we're the specialists.

Some other firms can’t decide whether they want to be a staffing agency or a consulting firm, so they try to do both. Staffing agencies place people in temporary contract positions for extended periods of time. Not Inviscid Consulting. We are a consulting firm of highly qualified supply chain experts who solve problems and make improvements -- usually for a fixed fee -- and move on, rather than dwell on your payroll for an extended time.

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Other so-called supply chain “consultants” are actually vendors of various types of software, equipment, and hardware. And they ultimately recommend what they sell, of course. Inviscid Consulting is different. We’re objective, independent consultants. We won’t compromise our integrity by marketing or selling software, equipment, or hardware. We know that sometimes the best solution doesn’t require purchasing these kinds of things at all. Inviscid Consulting offers only our own professional services, and only when we will bring real value to you. Keeping our clients’ best interests in mind, we evaluate and recommend the right solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Team

Inviscid Consulting is a “dream team” of supply chain professionals who are passionate about planning and improving supply chain operations. Experienced in a broad range of supply chain specialties, our subject-matter experts apply lean thinking and effective industrial engineering principles to reduce operational resistance, so your supply chain will flow more timely and more efficiently. We suggest the right Inviscid consultant(s) for your specific requirements based on their knowledge, skills, and experience. We provide their bio for your review, and you have the opportunity to interview them before they work for you.


Stephen T. Hopper, P.E.

Founder & Principal

Phone:  +1 404.832.LEAN (+1 404.832.5326)

Email:  steve.hopper@inviscidconsulting.com