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Effective Information Systems And Related Technologies

Optimizing Information Systems And Related Technologies

We'll help you plan and optimize your information systems and related technologies to provide the best value and to satisfy your business requirements and economic constraints.

Examples of these services include:

  • Assessment of existing information systems and related technologies

  • Benefits realization for existing systems

  • Evaluation, planning, and selection of information systems and related technologies

    • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

    • Inventory management systems (IMS)

    • Inventory optimization systems

    • Slotting optimization systems

    • Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems

    • Voice picking systems

    • Warehouse control systems (WCS)

    • Labor management systems (LMS)

    • Transportation management systems (TMS)

    • Product serialization, track and trace, and ePedigree systems

    • Barcoding and RFID systems

  • Conception, modeling, analysis, and planning of warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing information systems

    •  Definition of system requirements

    • Estimation of system costs

    • Business case development and return-on-investment (ROI) analysis

    • Economic evaluation and justification of alternative solutions

    • Functional specification

  • Vendor qualification, evaluation, selection, and recommendation

    • Development of request for proposal (RFP)

    • Review and evaluation of vendor proposals

    • Development of scripted vendor demonstration scenarios

    • Review and evaluation of vendor demonstrations

    • Vendor contract negotiations

    • Vendor scoring and recommendation

  • Project management and vendor oversight for system implementations

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