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We'll Help You Design and Optimize Your Logistics Network

We'll help you plan and optimize your logistics network, so you have the right number of supply chain facilities, of the right size, in the right locations, effectively performing the right functions to support your business. Examples of these services include:​

Logistics Network Design

Assessment of Existing Supply Chain Strategies, Operations, Logistics Networks, and Facilities

Conception, Evaluation, Modeling, Analysis, and Planning of Supply Chain Networks

• Development of Supply Chain Network Strategies • Definition of Network and Facility Requirements • Network-Level and Facility-Level Flow-Path Analysis • Design of Logistics Networks • Transportation Optimization and Reduction of Freight Costs • Inventory Optimization and Cost Reduction • Estimation of Facility Space Requirements • Estimation of Facility Costs • Business Case Development and Return-on-Investment (ROI) Analysis • Economic Evaluation and Justification of Alternative Solutions • Optimization of Network Designs • Optimization of Facility Function, Size, and Location

Qualification, Evaluation, Selection, and Recommendation of Logistics Outsourcing

• Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Firms • Fulfillment Service Providers • Contract Warehousing

Who We've Served

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Past Project Successes

Logistics Network Strategy

We helped a rapidly growing developer and manufacturer of packaging materials reengineer their logistics network and determine a way to reduce the total cost of their logistics network by more than 13% at their planning horizon.

Validation of a Logistics Network Strategy

We helped a multi-billion-dollar general-merchandise retailer validate their logistics network strategy to ensure that their strategic plan for their network of DCs accurately projects their future operations and costs.

Logistics Network Strategy

We helped a large grocery retailer develop an efficient strategy to optimize space, labor, inventory, and equipment their logistics network by determining the optimal locations and sizes for their network of DCs of various types (dry goods, produce, and refrigerated/frozen).

Logistics Network Strategy

We helped a billion-dollar retailer evaluate alternative logistics networks by modeling costs of four unique alternatives, including direct store delivery, DC delivery, and using a third-party logistics (3PL) company, to determine the optimal logistics strategy.

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