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At Inviscid Consulting, we are committed to serving our clients and the supply chain industry at large with integrity, fairness, competence, objectivity, and the highest ethical and professional standards. To the best of our ability, we pledge that we will:

  • Accept only those professional engagements for which our associates are fully qualified to perform the work based on their education, training, skills, competence, and decades of experience

  • Offer only unbiased advice to each client based on their own best interests

  • Objectively advise each client in good faith, not by telling them what they want to hear, but by relying on our own professional judgement

  • Be honest, direct, and truthful in our discussions with each client

  • Recommend only those courses of action for each client that we would follow if we were the primary shareholders of their business

  • Keep confidential any confidential client information disclosed to us during any professional engagement, whether or not a formal nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is in place

  • Share each client’s confidential information with others only with the client’s permission or as required by law

  • Use each client’s physical and intellectual property responsibly and only when authorized by the client

  • Avoid potential conflicts of interest by disclosing to each client any past or present circumstances under which our confidential knowledge of their business could compromise their success

  • Offer to withdraw from any consulting engagement under which our confidential knowledge of the client’s business could impair our judgment

  • Charge professional fees and expenses that are honest, accurate, legitimate, reasonable, and appropriate for our professional services and the potential value we deliver to each client

  • Sell only our own professional services, and not engage in selling any equipment, software, supplies, or related products or third-party services we might recommend

  • Accept no valuable consideration or financial compensation (such as fees, commissions, or “kickbacks”) from any vendors, suppliers, or integrators of any solutions or services we recommend to our clients during any paid professional engagement

  • Promote objective and thoughtful education in the field of supply chain management and engineering

  • Avoid incorporating our own marketing content when we are invited to speak at industry events, give interviews to the media, and write articles for industry publications

  • Comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, restrictions, regulations, rules, and orders of all relevant governmental and regulatory authorities

  • Follow the “Golden Rule”: Treat others the way we would want to be treated.

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